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Why am I doing this project? At it’s core, its a personal endeavor for me. For one reason or another I am wired in such a way that I am always evaluating and sifting through the ideas that shape my life and the lives of the people around me. But mere reflection rarely gets us anywhere. This is my chance to put the pieces together as I go; to write out my thoughts and see how they connect. I know that I won’t own my worldview unless I take on meticulous task of carefully piecing it together. So here it is, its now or never.


But not only that, I also know that the meaning I find in life is worthless this process is done in isolation from the lives of those around us. Thus, I want to think out loud with you, to challenge you, and to be challenged by you.

If you are not a christian, I am in need of your assistance. I need to learn to more deeply understand the perspectives of people who think differently than I do. I know that without thoughtful feedback from honest people around me, I am likely blind to my greatest deficiencies. So you may be thinking, “Umm, go talk to some real people then.” And I do. And I am really thankful for those relationships. And opening the door through a blog is another way to have more of those fruitful exchanges. So I’d love to hear from you.


If you are a christian, I want to challenge you as I challenge myself. I want to push you to think more critically and carefully about your faith and how you articulate it in today’s divided world. I want to help you to see a greater depth and relevance in those ancient christian convictions that you thought you knew well. And I want to encourage you to have more intelligent conversations about it with people in your life.


If you are a human living the wild circus of Western culture today, I want to make the case that we have no way forward if we don’t have the capacity to think critically about issues of worldview, faith and spirituality. The notion that “we just all pick a truth that works for us and live our own private lives” is rapidly melting in heat of today’s conflicted world. More and more, people today are willing to stand loud and proud for their ideas. Less and less, they are able to understand others, and have real conversations.


At the end of the day we are all seeking answers to the same basic questions. Answers that don’t just build our minds, but ones that also fill our hearts. I am here to make my case that Jesus builds the mind and fills the heart unlike any other. And I am here to encourage you to make yours.