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Often times our lives can feel like a constant clash between our inner passions, goals and desires, and the outside world. It’s like our inner self is constantly walking against the wind of the surrounding external world. These past few years have been a bit of a wrestling match for me personally in this area. On the one had I am see a huge need today to write, to think, to speak about the essential issues of life. I think there are key questions and facts that must be brought to the attention of the our generation.

I feel a deep urgency to wake my little world up from the slumber of modern entertainment culture, and help people see the need and the beauty of God’s good story. And yet in the midst of this, God is gracious. He doesn’t allow my passions to catch too much wind and fly higher than I can navigate. He sends me difficult, practical needs that I can fulfill right at the moment. He doesn’t send me all the “great opportunities” of which I myself may dream. Often times, I realize that when I dream of the “big things” I don’t really know what I am talking about. God sends me smaller, “less glorious” assignments that build true maturity and growth in me. He sends me situations and people that shatter my pride and expectations and yet deepen my confidence and trust in him.

And I am learning something huge here: this is the true path of growth. It is not my path. It is his path. And he never lets me forget it. So at the end of the day, the fight is not actually between my inner passions and the outside world. Rather it is between my trust in God and my dependence on him to orchestrate the details, and between my narrowly human outlook on things. We want to come to God and tell him how we will serve him. And yet the most humbling thing of all, is to come to him with a heart that wants to serve, and have him tell us that instead of taking to the stage, he wants us to do some mopping in the back halls.

I am becoming more and more convinced that I grow and learn more in those hallways than I ever will anywhere else. There alone, the truth that I am so eager to share with the world, becomes truly internalized, digested and applied to my own heart. There alone, I am made into a person that can actually share the life and love of God with people that I cross paths with. There alone I become a person that can tell the world that the words I speak or write are truly transforming my own daily life and bringing the genuine fruit of peace and joy. I am deeply thankful for these lessons.

So here’s my encouragement and challenge to you. Before trying to transform the world of social media, culture or politics, lean fully into the reality of the things that you claim in your own daily life. Are you a living example of the faith of which you speak? Do the gritty details of your daily life display your struggle to truly put your faith in your Maker or in yourself?