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Please tell us the whole truth, as best as you can. We are sick of the post-modern skeptical cloud mush of “No-one really knows”’s. We are tired of the spineless hopeless instagram quotes in which a hiker in the fog tells us to “go find our true self”. We are a generation that wants to ask hard questions, and there is nothing going to stop us from doing that. We want to deal with the real world, to see all the cards on the table. To test the answers. To build real convictions.

We are often criticized for being skeptical of authority. That is because we grew up in an age where many of the authorities turned out to have no idea what they are doing. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care about truth and listen to no-one. Quite the opposite. We want to listen to real authorities. People who know what they are talking about. People who have been speaking real answers for centuries. People who live it out, who know that truth deep within their bones. People who will tell us hard things through eyes filled with tears and wrinkles the skin that has endured the countless the storms.

We long for real wisdom. We aren’t interested in creating more bubble wrapped, warm and fuzzy places where no one tells us anything difficult. The universe is a difficult place. Our confused and selfish hearts are difficult places. We need to know where to get the fire for our souls. To learn to stand for the right things, fight for the right things, live for the right things.

Who is this “we” that I speak of? Its the many good gritty young people that I am surrounded by. That whole other group of millennials who who aren’t mindlessly plugged into their phones, wasting other people’s money and complaining about the “general state of things”. We are the group that is willing to work hard. To ask. To think. To listen. To build a future for ourselves and our children. If society were to fall apart, we would be here to pick up the pieces. But while it hasn’t, please tell us the good hard truth and do your best to give us real answers.