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Its frightening to see how much discord and division fills society today. People seem to be at each other’s throats more than ever before. Its also interesting to notice how the issue of faith and religion seems to be at the heart of the brawl. Everyone seems to be out to prove everyone else wrong. Its like a thing today. Its what you do. Because thats what everyone is doing. The religious people are rattling off proofs for God’s existence and the absurdity of a secular view of the cosmos. The non-religious people are berating the believers for backward, dated and unscientific ideals and traditions.

Within this world of arguments and counter arguments there is something that seems to happen to all involved, regardless of the perspective or side to which they hold: we start to loose our grip on the reality of the things we claim to support or believe. Keeping up with the rapidly changing pace of ideas and controversies in society always keeps us running to like, share or retweet the next big idea. And yet in the whole process we get used to actually deeply processing that information ourselves.

This has been an issue that has been especially evident to me throughout this past political season. Listen to yourself and your friends talk about culture today and then poke a little deeper and ask, why they think the way they do? How did they come to these conclusions? How do these ideas actually plan out in their own lives?

The bottom line is that this information paced age has really made us people who have no idea what they are talking about and exemplify a total disconnect between the way we live our private lives and the things we claim to fervently support on social media. In many senses we have become out of touch with how shallow our understanding of the world is and how lazy we are to really process things before boldly proclaiming them to the world. We are always plugged in, always listening, always reading, pouring in more and more information and further distancing ourselves from properly being able to process any of it.

What this distracted shallowness then leads to is a state in which we are increasingly out of touch with the condition of our own soul. The buzz and noise swirling about us does not give us a chance to really learn to see our true state, our true needs, our true progress and growth as individuals in the world. We seem to know about all the problems in the world but are unaware of them in our own hearts and lives.

Its interesting to note that throughout all history, the people who had the greatest impact on the world around them were the people who were living truly authentic lives themselves. They were people who were soaked through and through with the values they upheld. They were slower to speak and quicker to listen. They were more compassionate to those with whom they disagree. They were more aware of their own limitations. They were more human. And they therefore had a greater impact on the lives of any they came in contact with.

What is the point of passing on information and standing up for ideas that you yourself have not truly experienced? The world does not care about the start of your soul. It will suck you dry and leave you where it found you. It doesn’t love you back. It will leave you callous and critical. It will leave you even more out of touch with the people you disagree with.

The world needs people who live and give and love out of a true abundance. People who live real lives on the inside that continue regardless of the cultural trends and fads. People who are rooted down into things that are infinitely bigger than themselves.

So lets take some time and slow down. Scroll less. Think and reflect more. Be more honest and sincere. Live lives in which we are more aware of what is going on inside ourselves than on the other side of the globe. Our impact on the world around will only be as profound as the one that is taking place in our own hearts.