Living Backwards

Its a simple fact really. A stunning fact. A fact that should shake us to the bones: We will all die someday. And yet we live most of our lives furiously pushing forward as if tomorrow has no right not to come. This week some of us were shaken out of the stupor. Something may have happened to wake you up, to make you stop, to let the cold reality sink in. Death is inevitable. This happened to me and some of my friends by the death of a young man. I personally never met him but the pain of a young and untimely death spreads like a cold fog through the hearts of friends and loved ones to all around. It weighs down on us. It says to us in an arresting voice, “Pull over. Stop and think.”

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The Divided Modern Heart

There is a deep and troubling division that permeates the hearts and minds of us Western folk. It goes down to the core of how we see the world and it causes a constant nagging tension within us. This became clear to me in a conversation with a friend years ago. She was making the argument that rational thinking and reasoning are not necessary when it comes to seeking out answers to the bigger questions of life such as meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Now, mind you this is a person who is intensely rational in all other areas of life. She was an excellent student and is now quickly advancing to higher levels of success in her career.

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