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We have this obsession today to stay away from categories and structures when it comes to the way that we see the world. Everything is individualized. Everything is up to you. The idea of a “standard’ to which we all must submit is one of the most toxic and unpleasant things that can be brought up today in public discourse. “Don’t be so backward.” Even when we are sharing our own convictions with others, we bend over backward to try to make sure that they understand that we aren’t “tryina judge”. We don’t mean to impose. Soon we will be apologizing for breathing. We are becoming a gutless people whose emotions and sensitivities will soon cause us to be offended by a rainy day.

And yet this is very consistent with the picture painted for us by the prophet Isaiah, when he speaks of a people who deliberately switch up the categories and structures of reality so as to free themselves from the need to do what is right. Those who call “evil good and good evil”, those who put “darkness for light and light for darkness” will soon be devoured by the fires of calamity. A calamity that is of our own doing.

The only way that a rebellious soul can sustain its life of falsehood is by rebelling against the categories of reality itself. It needs to switch up the distinctions, to move the lines, to confuse the differences. Call them “social constructs”. Call them “oppressive regimes”. Anything that will give you the feeling of freedom to construct your own reality. The problem is, of course, that you can’t rebel against reality and then live in it and expect order. You can’t have your eggs over easy once you’ve scrambled them.

Wisdom calls in the streets to all, to hear and understand her ways and to live. But to those who ignore and scorn her, she offers no redemption. Solomon tells us she will only laugh as they eat the fruits of their labors. It doesn’t matter how boldly and bravely you stand in the water and flip off the wind and the waves. They will only chuckle as your head is thrown back up against the shore and your mouth is filled with sand and salt water.

Rules, structures and categories are a part of the abundant gift that is reality. To rebel against them is to rebel against reality itself, against our very own existence. The real world tells us that we can’t reinvent ourselves. True freedom is knowing the name that our Father has given us. There is no greater liberty than the liberty of a plant the grows up toward the sky.Every other direction is a loss. The specificity of the seagull’s wing is what enables her to soar above the salty currents. To know the full structure of creation is to unlock the human soul. Everything else is decreation and leads only in the one inevitable direction of chaos.