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When you really take a moment and look at WHY you live the way you live, you realize that its not always what you think it was. You may find yourself surprised and questioning yourself a little more. As James K. A. Smith notes in his book You Are What You Love – “you are what you love, you are defined by the things you pursue on a daily basis – but the surprising thing is that you may not love what you think.” Hence the title of the previous article – An Honest Look. Smith goes on to quote a writer named Geof Dyer in these challenging words, “Not many people can confront the truth about themselves. If they did they’d run a mile, would take an immediate and profound dislike to the person in whose skin they’d learned to sit quite tolerably all these years.”


One of the great needs of our generation is that we simply learn to honestly look at why we live the way we do. This cuts past the philosophies and complex theories and starts you on the ground. You say that you are a christian – but why don’t you look to Jesus in your daily habits and challenges? You say you are an atheist, but why do you have such a problem with God and religion? You say you are a relativist, but why do you spend so much time trying to prove others wrong? Often times the greatest task is to merely step out of the autopilot of our daily routines and ask ourselves who we really are and why? Only as we learn to deal with our own internal hypocrisies and inconsistencies, do we then learn to listen carefully and critically to that which others around us say. But it all starts with a basic first step.


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