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Don’t let the storm seep in
Let it swirl around you
let it blow in your face
And know
You are of a greater substance
Our eternal source ever lives within us
An immortal anchor that leads us through
And gives us eyes to see
The glory in the greatest wind and waves.

Don’t let the storm seep in
Fight it
Endure the pain,
Behold the beauty
Joy is not around the corner
It will never come
You will only sink as you wait
That which is beautiful is already here
If you don’t see it now you won’t see it then

Don’t let the storm seep in
Keep your eyes open
Breath the chilled air and let the cold drops hit your face
And see in it, a masterful work of art
The dim echo of an eternal greatness

Don’t let the storm seep in
And know,
You weren’t meant to go at it alone
There is One whom the storm fears
Your elder brother
The first one to brave it alone
You sail in his wake