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Does the idea of asking questions, challenging the foundational perspectives of the culture around you sound intimidating? Often times this is what holds many believers from having natural and fruitful conversations on concerning their with people around them. Tim Keller has some encouraging insight on this issue.

“Try to remember that you are at odds with a system of beliefs far more than you are at war with a group of people. Contemporary people are the victims of the late-modern mind far more than they are its perpetrators. Seen in this light the Christian gospel is more of a prison break than a battle.”

The simple reality is that most people form their perspectives and beliefs as they move through life and they are the product of there circumstances and experiences. Most people within culture are the product of culture rather than the creators of culture. This means that if you take time to understand how and why the people around you think and live the way they do, you will likely find that you are helping them see themselves much more clearly than they ever have.

Most of the time people are very much unaware of how some of the ideas that they hold cripple their own lives. This is where christian witness is called to be most effective. If you love Jesus you will also love the people that he has give his life to save. You will give yourself to understanding them and helping them see themselves more clearly. In doing this, we also create the perfect opportunities to give people a clear picture of the uniqueness and power of Jesus and his message. As help people see the roots of their deepest challenges, we also have the opportunity to share with them how it is that Jesus specifically address those heart issues.

The charged and divided nature of our modern culture should not cause us to be intimidated about being effective witnesses of Jesus. At the end of the day, no matter how politically correct, we are all humans, all asking the same question and seeking the same answers. Taking the time to honestly address the heart issues that burn in the lives of the people around us is an act of love that will be evident to the vast majority of people around us. The good news of Jesus Christ moves us to challenge the ideas of the world while simultaneously cultivating a deep love for all who surround us. And if there is anything that opens the doors of a heart it is a sense of genuine love.




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