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Welcome! My name is Andrey, and this is the online home of my thoughts, hopes, meditations, and wrestlings with questions of faith and culture. I am a Christian who is seeking to honestly live out this historic Biblical faith in a world full of skepticism and doubt. What does it mean to live it out “honestly”? It means that I can’t live under a rock. My faith is not just my own, it is for the world. It must therefore be open to the challenges and pressures of the world around me. My faith collides with the world every day. If my neighbor believes that Jesus never existed, I need to listen to his reasons. He is either wrong or right. If my coworker thinks that we should all pray, even if there is no God – I need to process that. If my classmate tells me that Muhammed fixed what Christianity messed up, I need to follow up on that.

This doesn’t mean I have all the answers. It just means I have to work my best to get them. I think there is no other way to live in today’s crazy world. And I think there is no other way to truly know and love my peers, neighbors, and friends unless that knowledge and love permeates down to the level of faith and values. So, I want to put my faith, my convictions and by values into dialogue with the world around me. I want to be awake, to think out loud in a culture that seems to disagree with me so often. I want to put to practice, the method that Charles Spurgeon once gave for defending his faith. “How do you defend a lion? Unlock the cage.” If Jesus is real, he can take the challenge. He doesn’t need my help.