Hi, I’m Andrey. I am not a philosphopher, priest or scholar. I am a just real guy seeking to experience real life. I love to write and think. But more fundamentally, I love to live. As I look within myself and at the world around me, I sense a longing for a more compelling and authentic experience of the big picture questions that we all face. Despite all our modern science and technology, we see that spirituality and faith abounds, as do the questions attached to these important aspects of life. I want fill that vacuum in the fullest sense. So, I am here to dismantle the biases and question the questions. I want to listen and learn from the best. I want to build my house upon a truly solid rock. And I want to share with you the best of my labors.

What is Well Said?

No matter who we are or where we come from we all live life with certain foundational longings. Our desire for a real experience of things like peace, love, satisfaction, truth, justice and beauty drives pretty much all we do. This drive has moved human civilizations as long as we know. What is more, we do not seek mere answers. We need something that will grip us. We want to hear them in a way that cuts right to the heart. We need them to ring true. In the deepest sense, we want them well said.

Compelling answers

From my earliest days in college I have found it constantly unsettling when people hold to half baked answers to life’s biggest questions. I can’t live that way. As Francis Schaeffer once observed, ““As a man thinketh, so is he” is really most profound.” There is nothing more defining to our existence than the answers that shape our whole view of life. Everything else hinges on this!

In our time many have thrown this whole idea to the wind. We are told, “There are no answers! Embrace the modern humility and just pick what works for you.” And yet, as I listen and think and share life with those around me, I sense in my generation an uneasiness. No matter how modern or educated we claim to be, we are all human and we need to build our lives on answers that are intellectually sound. We desire solutions that make sense. We seek answers that are bigger than ourselves, ones that we cannot just push aside.

Authentic Faith

The deeper reason we seek for real answers is that we want to live life with a greater authentic spiritual experience. We are not robots who merely need the right equation. Our intellect feeds down into our spirituality, and gives us a sense of unity, meaning and satisfaction. Our hearts and minds are inseparably connected. We don’t just want to think; we want to believe in our answers and have them propel us though all of life.

That is why faith is never going away no matter how scientific or advanced we become. Many of us have become discouraged with the notion of faith because of the emptiness, falsehood and corruption often seen in many of history’s faith institutions. Despite our discouragement we cannot outrun ourselves. We simply cannot live life without a desire for an authentic faith experience.

About Me

As I said, I’m just a regular guy who is honestly seeking to live these things out. The words that fill this website are real to me. They the fruit of my own personal wrestling and reflection. I know that I don’t contain the perfect answers and I understand that my answers are not perfect. And yet, this does not mean that I believe that perfect answers don’t exist.

I am a christian. This means I am convinced and compelled by the biblical worldview. If you, like many others in our time, come from a negative experience of christianity, I would like to submit to you that it is perhaps not what you may think it is. I have seen that the vast majority of skepticism and criticism that we see today in the direction of christianity is simply rooted in ignorance; ignorance of the actual biblical message, ignorance of history and ignorance of the power of the answers that the story of Jesus contains. Both in my intellect and in my heart, I have found the christian story to fill my present vacuum for compelling and authentic faith. And it does so unlike any other.

I want to share these compelling answers and faith experiences with you here. I want to hold up the christian worldview to the tests of human experience, reason and history. I want to open myself to your most honest criticism. If you are an atheist or skeptic, this place offers you the opportunity to be what you are in an honest sense, one that is informed concerning the things that they reject. If you consider yourself a believer, this is the opportunity for you to be challenged in the depth of your perspective, to hear the tough questions, and to begin to assemble some deeper and more realistic answers.